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Lily Kohn

Board of Directors of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Washington State

As far back as I can remember I have been interested in stories about my family. I recall as a young girl asking my grandparents “tell me the story about coming to America”. “Tell me again how you met at the candy store in Brighton Beach and the boarding house your parents ran there”. I asked for the same stories again and again.

Only now do I know there were missing pieces to our family puzzle. After deep research not only did I find wonderful family members previously unknown to me, I discovered additional stories my grandparents did not tell me. They never talked about the Holocaust and I assumed we didn’t lose any family – that everyone made it to America which could not have been further from the truth. Through tragedy and happiness my ancestors and their history have come alive.

What a wonderful life surprise to discover a new passion where I can not only find my past, but get the same thrill helping others plant and grow their trees so they are able to bring their ancestors to life, and find those ancestors in themselves.