Lily’s enthusiasm for her work can be evidenced by how much she savors the challenge of stepping back in time to uncover the history of her clients’ families. Lily is a talented detective and a tenacious researcher and her skills and knowledge as a professional genealogical researcher are indeed impressive. She was able to identify ancestors of mine going back eight generations!
Lily’s excitement in making family history come alive is contagious. How thrilling it was for my children and me to learn the names and histories of people from which we are descended, who lived long ago, such as their 5x great grandfather Thomas Oliver who was born in 1775.
If you are looking for a highly qualified family researcher who is an experienced genealogist with an inquiring mind, I strongly recommend Lily. She does top-notch work because genealogy is not only her profession – it is her passion.

Stacey Rae

My daughter was graduating from college and my sister wanted to surprise her with a family tree as a gift. I thought this was such a terrific idea and said “Oh my gosh, wouldn’t it be wonderful if her biological grandparents could be found?” My children’s father was born in England and adopted as an infant. We’ve always been curious about his biological side of the family – Could he have royal bloodlines? Probably not but it’s fun to imagine. I honestly didn’t think it was possible, however, to my amazement on New Year’s Eve I received an email from Lily saying “I found your children’s biological grandmother and her side of the family!” This is truly remarkable and ‘icing on the cake’ of my daughter’s graduation gift. Unfortunately their biological grandfather’s name was not listed on the birth record, but as my son said “so we still may find we have royal bloodlines!”
Thank you Lily for all the extra hours and diligent work you put into this. You are a true gift and marvelous Sherlock!

Lisa Paul

I want to thank you for all your work and research regarding my family. I never would have thought there was so much pre-WWII information to uncover on Jewish families. I really appreciate all your efforts and thoughtful insights. I hope many others will avail themselves of your expertise as it is well worth it!

Lynn David Hammer

I have long wanted to know about my family history but I didn’t know where to turn. After a few inquiries the Jewish Genealogical Society suggested that Lily Kohn phone me and after we talked I knew at last I found the person who would be able to help me. Lily worked so diligently and in such a timely manner, tracing people and finding the answers to the questions I had about my ancestors. She did a marvelous job and I am so pleased with what she has done that I’m adding Lily as an honorary member of my family tree!

Lauran Stevens

Lily dug into all that right places and put together a wonderful report that’s informative, easy to use, and a terrific Christmas present for a family member interested in learning about her ancestors. And the fact that Lily is a delight to work with is an added bonus.

Walt Mason, Esq.

Lily discovered that I am a direct descendent of Sarah Towne, born in Salem Massachusetts, accused and imprisoned for witchcraft during the witchcraft trials. She also found that both my 4x and 5x great grandfathers were Revolutionary War Patriots. Many of my ancestors were central in the formative history of this country – an incredible discovery. Having grown up in the Marblehead, Salem, Ipswich areas and loving it intensely, I now appreciate it more than ever. Lily’s work has changed how I see myself in a way I would not have imagined possible.

Catherine S. Flye

Besides being personable and fun, Lily is a resourceful and tenacious investigator.  Through obscure sources she tracked down several of my ancestors who had previously been a brick wall in my genealogy search.  The information she found and the suggestions for further research have enabled me to continue tracing my family tree.  Thank you!

Jennifer Teed

Thank you Lily! I was really pleased with the information you were able to find on my ancestors, especially my great-grandfather from Russia. You are a pleasure to work with and thank you again for all your help!